017. Being a Fan

(images from the net)
(images from the net)

Life seems unfair
No one knows what will happen
No one can understand how you feel
Only those who can relate to your situation

Seeing them happy bring smiles on your lips
Even though they don’t know that you exist
Even though you can’t understand what they say
Even though they are just your dream

Encouraging words make you determined
Knowing that someone has the same feeling
Knowing that someone has the same goal
Knowing all that gives you hope

But, knowing that you’ll never be with them
Knowing that you will never meet them in the future
You believe that there is a possibility that you can be with them
You believe that you will meet them
Because you know that nothing is impossible
You know that you are persistent
You know that God has a better plan for you
And you believe that
Even though you’re just a fan

– Fangirl_Abbigail, 12