GUEST POST: Kids come up with awesome story ideas!

Sharing raw creativity from very young story-tellers of the ACSS Summer 2013 Creative Writing Workshop.

wrkshp 2013

–> One created a story about a pig who didn’t want to sleep because he always had nightmares of being eaten. He was always tired and sleepy; he couldn’t do anything. He daydreams of being in the mud all day.

–> One wrote about the adventures and mis-adventures of a lion who did not want to live in the “forest” anymore because people are polluting and destroying it. He meets several characters along the way. Would he end up in a farm? Would he end up in a zoo?

–> One created a story of a monkey and her two friends looking for the carnival because they heard it was fun there; it took them days and nights to reach it, but not to worry — they traveled via tent-on-camel, whose humps turn into seats and tables by day, and beds by night.

–> One drew and told a story about a happy rabbit who had friends and no problem, except for one: her long ears are itchy and her short arms couldn’t reach it. Hmmm, what could she possibly do?

–> One cleverly weaved stories of a turtle who was afraid of the dark and who interestingly had the same name as a clown fish who tended to be a bully, and a gentle angler fish who did not have any friends because he had sharp teeth.

wrkshp 2013 2

Kids do come up with awesome story ideas! Don’t you think so, too?

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