011. Croco and Leo

original artwork by the author
original artwork by the author

In a very hot safari, there was a crocodile named Croco. Croco is a juvenile. He lived in a river. His parents let him go, so he could train to be a real crocodile. His hobbies are hunting his prey, swimming, going to the dentist (or birds cleaning old food on his teeth), and eating stones.

When his prey pass, bathe, drink, swim and walk on his river, he will go underwater like a submarine. Getting closer and closer to his prey, then…snap!!! Crocodiles have the strongest bite of all animals. Croco’s prey are birds, deers, zebras, wild beasts, mosses, fish, crabs, buffalos, hippos, antelopes, monkeys, and jackals. He always wanted to eat.

Crocodiles are territorial creatures. One day, a lion named Leo was on the river. He is a male lion and male lions are strong, in their opinion.

Croco saw the lion. He was scared. But he was a double-minded crocodile at that time. He’s thinking if he will eat Leo or not. So he decided to go near Leo.

He showed his mouth to Leo. Leo roared to Croco, and Croco was shocked.

“Get out of my way. I’m bigger and stronger than you, dumby youngster! I’m the king here!” Leo roared loudly in a very scary voice.

In Croco’s mind, he will show that he’s not scared. But he was frightened of Leo. He will try his best to make Leo step back.

Croco said in a pretending angry voice, “Excuse me king of the airheaded, this is my territory. You can’t just wash your pits in my river.”

“Get out or I’ll eat you!” Leo roared.

Croco began to run fast to escape Leo. He just let him cross his river. He was thinking that he should be stronger and bigger. After a couple of months, he will plan to eat Leo.

So he ate more animals than before. Now, he’s a grown-up crocodile. He’s ready to eat Leo. His goal is to eat a big lion that bullied him, passing his river like a breeze. And now, Croco wanted to eat the king of the airheaded – and that’s the proud Leo.

One day, Leo finally came back to his river. Leo remembered Croco, but in his mind, the crocodile was still a weakling like before. He is so confident that he can pass again.

Now it’s the time for revenge for bullying a kid and crossing his river. When Leo was on the water, Croco zoomed heading to Leo. Suddenly he showed his giant jaws to that lion.

Leo was very shocked at Croco’s jaws. Croco snapped his head and ate all of Leo’s flesh. Blood spread on his river.

For the first time, Croco ate an airheaded lion. He was so happy and he wins victory. He was successful and he lived happily on his river.

– Migo, 12


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