010. (some thoughts on life and writing)

(image from the net)
(image from the net)

Being a writer is being boisterous. It’s more fun than you can imagine. You can have a whole new adventure. Many people may say that being a writer is boring. They may be right, or maybe they’re wrong.

A writer’s adventure can be dangerous yet fun. But as children, we are taught with rules — like not to talk to strangers, not to run in streets, and not to play with fire. But as we get older, always staying safe may prevent us from all what life has to offer. If you never take risks, you never get a chance to have it all. And what’s the fun in that?

While you want to feel safe, you should feel safe; but as a writer, you should run into the Danger instead of away from it. Always staying safe may not be so good, for a writer.

Life can be hard. But for other people, children really, the world is a fairy tale. Where there are big shops for fairy costumes and cowboy hats in the mall. But when we get older, always waking up to reality can be hurtful. In a way that you will know that your inspiration isn’t true. It can harm you and that can turn out as depression.

But it doesn’t mean that believing in fairy tales is a bad influence for children. Fairy tales can be inspiration or the joy of young boys and girls. The whole world has its own way of changing you. It doesn’t tarnish you, or bring out the wicked or the beast in you. It changes you naturally as a person or a child. But what’s important in the real world is seeing the truth or waking up to reality.

– Tim, 13


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