007. My Favorite Place

(image from the net)

There is a place
that makes me happy when I’m sad
makes me calm when I’m angry
In that place
I have freedom to do anything
without anyone observing me

It is my comfort zone
Sometimes when I’m scared
it comforts me
In that place
I have the silence that
I sometimes need

It is always there when I need it
I can do anything there
without anyone telling me what to do
In that place
no one gives me sermons
no one bothers me

It has a very quiet peace
You can wash away the bad things
that other people do to you
You can release your anger there
in that place
The C.R. is my best bestfriend!

– RJ, 13


One thought on “007. My Favorite Place

  1. thekyleinator April 7, 2015 / 3:01 pm

    This is a great poem! thanks!

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