006. (a reverse poem on bullying)

A 13-year-old considers the reality of bullying…

unlethanCTo this

It is reality
standing up for yourself means hitting back
Only cowards can say
violence is never the answer
Know that
fighting back means getting even
I don’t agree that
there is a better way to protect yourself other than to pick a fight
bruising someone’s face
is a better way of defending yourself than
using words
Truth is
that a bully has no feelings
It is false judgement
that you can stop being bullied by getting help from others
that to injure someone for your own sake is ok
Don’t consider
it an option to confront a bully before attacking him
that the only way to stop bullying is by getting revenge
Don’t believe
you can change a bully

To this day, it remains the same, unless someone decides to REVERSE it.

– Lena, 13


2 thoughts on “006. (a reverse poem on bullying)

  1. thekyleinator April 7, 2015 / 3:02 pm

    This is an inspiring poem!

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