004. (untitled poem)

From a young athlete who previously “hated’ writing — 

joseph blue

The loud noises in this place
Are cheers for us to get our pace
It is a race for swimmers
Pro, Amateur, even Beginners

A relaxed me is something you won’t find
Because only winning is on my mind
Even though the beat of my heart is trembling
Maybe because I’ll swim with a king

The reflection of light hits the floor
It is like lightning
That summons the king, Thor
What Am I Thinking?

Bubbles differ in size
To the surface they arise
The noise swimmers hear when my speed I unleash

I sometimes hate swim time
‘Cause I look like an underwater mime
But sometimes I wonder
Maybe there are gold bars under
The place where we are swimming
Maybe tomorrow I will start digging

The feeling of being a champion
Will not be just imagination
I can always break the record
With a big hand from the Lord

– JC

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